Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week Four of EDU651

Class is coming along well. I am always my toughest critic and always wonder what more I could have done to learn more, make a paper better, etc. I hope I always feel this way, because it drives me to always do my level best.
This week in class, we worked more on our sites, which is always exciting to see them form into something useful and beautiful. We also looked back on creating our sites and evaluated that experience. We got to write about whether any of the sites we are involved in now could take the place of Blackboard or Moodle. I came down on the "no" side of the matter. Perhaps several taken together, but these are great tools for classrooms and were created for just that purpose. I just think it makes sense to use them as such and the others for their intended use. Not that the others are not welcome and needed in the classroom, they can certainly be used as an innovation and a breath of fresh air next to the same old, same old.
I enjoyed writing this week's paper too. It was on Learning 2.0 and this is an exciting topic for the future of education!
Well, enough for now...I must have had a good week to have so much to say!
Have a good one all!

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