Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week Five in the Saga of EDU651

Week five was an incredibly busy week in EDU651. It was a long and tedious process to link up with everyone's websites for their blogs, wikis, etc...however, I do enjoy being linked to my classmates in a more "social" atmosphere since we don't get to socialize like the average college student does. We also wrote a letter to request the use of certain internet websites for business or educational purposes. I found this to be a worthy exercise.
We are now off to complete the final week of the course by watching a youtube video of Piaget and the writing of our final reflection paper. Have a great week all!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week Four of EDU651

Class is coming along well. I am always my toughest critic and always wonder what more I could have done to learn more, make a paper better, etc. I hope I always feel this way, because it drives me to always do my level best.
This week in class, we worked more on our sites, which is always exciting to see them form into something useful and beautiful. We also looked back on creating our sites and evaluated that experience. We got to write about whether any of the sites we are involved in now could take the place of Blackboard or Moodle. I came down on the "no" side of the matter. Perhaps several taken together, but these are great tools for classrooms and were created for just that purpose. I just think it makes sense to use them as such and the others for their intended use. Not that the others are not welcome and needed in the classroom, they can certainly be used as an innovation and a breath of fresh air next to the same old, same old.
I enjoyed writing this week's paper too. It was on Learning 2.0 and this is an exciting topic for the future of education!
Well, enough for now...I must have had a good week to have so much to say!
Have a good one all!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Class Week Three

Well, the class is officially half over. This was a really exciting week for me as I learned so much about Facebook that I never knew! There really are lots of educational opportunities among the applications there. I thought it was fun to make up our own application. I thought that mine was kind of lame at first, because it simply enabled people to figure out their interest over the life of a loan so that they could also figure out how to pay it the best and quickest way. Also, there would be a forum for people to leave ideas about paying off things like credit cards and mortgages. Then, after I posted it, I got some great and positive comments regarding it, so it must be okay! (Either that, or most of the students in my class are geeks like me! lol) Well, that is the long and short of it and another reason to say, "Something's Always Up!"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Something's Always Up...At School!

The second week of my class is quickly coming to an end. This class is: Collaboration and Learning in a Virtual Environment. Long title, but I have come to realize it means using tools we have online to create collaborative learning activities. Perhaps that is not a lot clearer, but I know what it means, and that is the key!
This week in class, (virtual class, of course), we learned about wikis. Lots and lots about wikis! The word "wiki" is Hawaiian for quick. Wikis are all about collaboration, so they are perfect for this class. Although just one person may start a wiki, many people can be involved with posting addendums and making changes to what is currently posted.
There are lots of kinds of wikis too! You can use them as encyclopedias, as we have all seen with Wikipedia. However, they can also be used in hundreds of other ways. Some of those are: to write a story as a group; to critique things, like books and movies, as a group; to create a listing of references on one, or many, topics; to create historical time lines; etcetera. The possibilities are actually endless! Anything you want to put in a place where other people can critique (by adding and fixing it) and comment (in the same ways) on it, you can create a wiki.
A wiki can also have many pages for diverse reasons and this can come in very handy for assignments. Each page can lead the students through the preparation they need to take part in a wiki. A page can even be set up for practice, which is an awesome thing if you have never been part of a wiki.
Well, that is about all for now! Have a wiki-wiki day!